My dolls are a means for me to express my feelings indirectly, where they are placed in situations and environments based on ones I’d like to explore or live through vicariously, as manifestations of my visions. I reference the theme of personas, alter egos and the subject of masks and vessels. Emotions and experiences that stem from real-life happenings, are in turn romanticized and expressed through the dolls’ character or persona. This series of five fine art dolls are my personas.

Done as part of my undergraduate capstone project, later exhibited at the Zayed University College of Arts and Creative Enterprises’ senior show at Manarat AlSaadiyat, Abu Dhabi.

Fully articulated, ball and socket jointed dolls cast in polyurethane resin, wooden podiums, acrylic cylinder

Doll – approx. 21 cm tall, Podium – approx. 1 m tall

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